BroadOaks SuperReno

Incorporating the best of New Zealand and Japanese architectural influences, BroadOaks stands as a testament to innovation and sustainability. Bob Burnett and Shizuka Yasui embarked on the journey of creating their family home in 2007, and during that era, it was a vibrant hub of ground breaking design and sustainable concepts.

After the Canterbury 2011 earthquakes, BroadOaks underwent a comprehensive thermal upgrade for energy efficiency. This included external wall insulation, an innovative warm roof system, and state-of-the-art triple-glazed windows and doors. To combat overheating, shading devices were added, and an energy recovery ventilation system was integrated. The property also adopted sustainable practices, such as solar panels, rainwater harvesting, and advanced water filtering systems.

In essence, BroadOaks, with its rich history, enduring resilience, and commitment to sustainable living, represents the harmonious coexistence of tradition and modernity. It stands as a symbol of the ever-evolving landscape of architectural innovation and sustainable living practices.

This home was a National Finalist in the 2008 ADNZ Resene National Design Awards in three categories; new single dwelling over 250m², bathroom, and kitchen.


     Structure upgrades for improved performance and resilience
     Super-insulation with a warm roof and external wall insulation
     SuperWindows upgraded to high-performance triple glazed windows
     Shading added for overheating protection
     Heat-exchange ventilation added for improved internal air quality (IAQ)
     Natural, non-toxic sustainable material selections, low carbon, Declare and Red List free.
     Renewable energy and storage, Solar PV and batteries
     Electric Vehicle charging
     Rain water harvesting

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The BroadOaks Super-Reno included earthquake strengthening and significant upgrades to the thermal envelope and airtightness.

Earthquake strengthening up to 1.5 - 2 times code requirements included large I-beams and 150x150x8 shelf angles to perimeter of Unispan panels.

80mm of EPS edge insulation was added to retrofit these foundations and then plastered with a fibre glass reinforced concrete look plaster.

Mass is not your friend in an earthquake. 600x300 Hinuera Stone was removed and replaced with the light-weight wall build up below.

9mm ply added and taped to create an air tight layer, with 140mm framing and Terra Lana insulation, with fibre cement and 1200x600 travertine tiles.

RHS structural steel frames were added to support solar panels that will double as additional shading for protection from over-heating.

External insulation transformed thermal performance. 80mm PIR rigid foam was attached to existing concrete block, with concrete look plaster.

Due to their size and weight, the warmcore windows were site glazed with MetroGlass low E extreme triple glazing, and installed using a spider crane.

That's what I call a proper thermal break! Warmcore, Weathershield Windows. Installed properly in the warm part of the wall.

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