About Process

Bob and Shizuka enjoy meeting and working with like-minded people who understand the value of investing in thoughtful design to create a better place to live and ultimately help create a better life. The aim is to delight with design, create pleasant surprises and exceed expectations. The relationships that develop throughout these processes are incredibly rewarding and enjoyable.

Project budgets can be prioritised with Base, Better, or Best levels to suit your project. You, the client, are in control, because you choose the specifications and details for what is achievable within the desired budget.
We can advise on the level of comfort achievable and what associated running costs will be etc. based on our construction knowledge, design expertise and experience. Power bills can be predicted with energy modeling.

Our Proven Processes have been refined over the last three decades for producing beautiful, high-performance homes. Your Dream Team starts with an experienced designer who will recommend the best suited builder for you and your type of project. One with a proven track record and appropriate experience and capabilities in constructing high-performance homes. Your team commonly includes consultants like a surveyor, structural & geotech engineer, quantity surveyor and key subbies & suppliers.

THE DESIGN BRIEF is an important document that will be referred to throughout the design process, helping to guide the creation of your perfect home. There are many important considerations to prioritise. Base, Better or Best Superhome standards provide guidance for ideas that align with your budget. We will help you develop a thoughtful design brief that will be a  valuable resource throughout the project process.

THE DESIGN CONCEPT creation starts after research and analysis of the site, property constraints, local planning rules and legal requirements etc. Then your own requirements and ideas will be discussed before applying our creative expertise, energy, and big ideas. The Design Concept stage can sometimes involve exploring different options as part of the process.

CONCEPT PLANS are developed, discussed and approved prior to the next stage. A 3D model with 3D renders are created, providing you with the first glance of your new home. Technical details for the preferred level of performance and specifications are then confirmed to suit your budget.

COST ESTIMATES are prepared by a quantity surveyor or contractor from the design concept plans and outline specifications. Adjustments can be made if required to better suit the budget before proceeding to the documentation stage. This cost initial estimate is to confirm that the design is to your approval and fits the budget, providing confidence to proceed. After the documentation is completed, a contract price can then be provided.

ENERGY MODELING is carried out as part of our design process to confirm optimal energy efficiency and carbon footprint. This is best done early in the project process for accreditation. Energy modeling is often overlooked by many designers & architects, but is vital in confirming that your new home will be equipped with the right systems to stay at a desired temperature year-round. High-performance glazing proportions, ventilation, shading, and the correct orientation of the house are all optimised utilizing energy modeling.

CARBON FOOTPRINT. Bob Burnett Architecture homes are designed to minimise their carbon footprint and climate impact. Preference is given to non-toxic low-carbon materials and methodologies. In contrast, typical kiwi homes built to code minimums are responsible for 5-7 times the carbon emissions required to meet global climate change targets. Holistic design allows different systems to work together to optimise performance.

DOCUMENTATION is the most time intensive stage, involving preparation of detailed working drawings and specifications for building consent approval and a quote for construction. Our documentation is very thorough and clear to follow, providing certainty for the contractor enabling favourable pricing and a smooth construction.

BUILDING CONSENT. Processing times for building consent approval vary for the different councils. Good design with thorough detailed drawings and specifications speed this process.

CONSTRUCTION. We can assist vetting and selecting the best builder for your project and advise on getting the correct building contract in place. Additionally, site observation and contract administration can be provided during the build phase.

FINISHING TOUCHES. Once built, airtightness testing is carried out for all projects to confirm Base, Better or Best standards. This is a quality check of the construction and confirms it meets the specifications and will be energy efficient, durable and provide for a comfortable healthy internal environment.