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Bob Burnett Architecture began business in 1999, establishing a leading reputation for award winning, energy-efficient, space-efficient designs that are super-sustainable. Exquisite organic architecture that exhibits the fusion of ideas from the two directors; architectural designer, Bob Burnett and Japanese architect, Shizuka Yasui. The firm has won numerous awards for a diverse range of projects and is recognised as early adopters and innovators in high-performance architecture that is healthy for people and healthy for the planet.

The B.O.B. philosophy – get the Best Of Both – for Design and Performance. Beautiful, liveable, loveable, light-filled spaces that also integrate sustainable, leading edge, high-performance design and construction techniques. 

Many of our clients are from overseas and have experienced better, warmer homes so demand better. Some are involved in the medical sector and are acutely aware of the health impact of our homes and growing concerns of New Zealand’s subpar building standards. We design the performance of each home with laser focus, using Energy Modelling to help ensure optimal energy efficiency with a low carbon footprint. 

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