Paige Place

Working within the medical field, the clients of this Multi-Generational Superhome recognized the importance of building a home that would cater to the well-being and overall health of their family.

The house was designed with the customary high-performance and energy-efficient standards as well as taking into consideration the unique requirements of the clients suitable for multi-generational living. There are many benefits of multigenerational living and it is common in other countries and cultures, but is still challenging to create in New Zealand due to restrictive council planning rules.

Positioned on the outskirts of Rolleston, this 10-acre property provided ample space to achieve optimal sun exposure while shielding the house from prevailing cold winds. The generous eaves serve to reduce overheating during the summer months and facilitate passive solar heat gain in the winter.

The foundation is fully insulated and incorporates Hydronic underfloor heating, and high-performance Ecopanel wall panels. The recessed UPVC windows are double glazed, equipped with low E coatings and argon filling, effectively managing indoor and outdoor temperatures. With the inclusion of airtight layers, the internal environment remains well-regulated, supported by a well-balanced ventilation and heat recovery system. Each of these systems, present in both living wings, can be independently operated and deactivated when not needed, thus minimising energy consumption.

Designed as a dual-residence, the structure boasts two kitchens, two garages, four bedrooms on one side, and three bedrooms plus a library on the other. A communal lounge area, along with a north-facing covered outdoor space, provides a place for both families to gather.

Various features throughout the house tie the design together, such as an internal rendered feature wall connecting the two kitchens, extending past the communal lounge to link the private areas. This arrangement strikes a perfect equilibrium between personal space and shared living.

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