Ngā Whare Pārara

This multi-residential development, ‘Ngā Whare Pārara,’ centres around an inspirational theme: harnessing the sun's energy to create four homes bathed in natural light. Diverse roof pitches are carefully designed for solar efficiency, echoing the Christchurch Port Hills' silhouette.

This project emphasises 'whenua,' considering the wider context and environmental harmony. It integrates Māori names and aligns with the community's historical and natural values. The design aims to utilise solar heat, minimise energy consumption, and embrace wider sustainability principles.

The lead home, 'Te Whare Waro Toraro,' honours its century-old predecessor, adopting a steep roof pitch reminiscent of turn-of-the-century villas, harmonising with the neighbourhood’s architectural mix. This front house also aspires to be New Zealand's first carbon-negative house to inspire and educate the community and industry about healthy, and sustainable living.

Each home balances embodied and operational carbon, considering ongoing running costs, energy efficiency and maintenance etc. as well as upfront carbon costs (capital and operational expenses). Thoughtful selection of innovative and low-carbon materials and super-insulated timber floors reflect these principles, with the roofs angled to maximise area for solar generation to help achieve energy surplus.

Sustainability starts with the site itself, by removing and relocating the old 1906 villa - to be restored elsewhere, avoiding landfill and repurposing and retrofitting the home for another life.

This collaborative effort with like-minded partners aims to inspire a shift towards healthier, more sustainable homes, driven by values and innovation, rather than sole focus on profit. It champions concepts of 'manaakitanga' and 'kaitiakitanga,' fostering community, environmental care, and responsible building practices.

Ngā Whare Pārara | PLANS

Ngā Whare Pārara | IN PICTURES

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