Lowes Road

The design of this home was actually the second concept created. The first was an ultra-modern marvel that the clients loved, but unfortunately was not given subdivision approval. The forward thinking, ahead of its time design was likely too much for the more conservative developers. The irony is that many of the design’s innovative features would not have even been visible from the street and would have served the occupants greatly.

However, this first design was not wasted and later went on to win a national ADNZ award in the special projects category – an award for recognising excellence in architectural design of unbuilt projects.

The final project came from the second design that still catered to the needs and desires of the clients but also got the subdivision approval it needed. From the street, it looks similar to a well-built, group home builder design yet with a curious mystique and kerb appeal. It garnered multiple regional and national ADNZ awards in multiple categories including the Sustainability Award.

Living close to nature and having a sustainable healthy home were top priorities of the design brief. The clients were avid fans of architecture and wanted a house that was warm but economical to run with healthy indoor air quality – and had to have light and uplifting spaces.

This home received the three awards at the 2008 ADNZ Resene Architectural Design Awards; the Sustainability award, bathroom winner, and interior finalist.

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