Multi-Generational Marvel

This five-bedroom, multi-generational home encompasses a spatially efficient layout and incorporates universal design with optimal ergonomics and functionality for all ages. The home is thoughtfully two-storey providing a more efficient form to maximise thermal efficiency meaning a smaller footprint on the site which also allows for a generous garden and outdoor living where children can play and fruit trees will grow.

The clients have previous experience living in a Bob Burnett Architecture Superhome and therefore fully appreciate the difference this makes to their health and wellbeing and the power bill. The home includes the key design ideas and construction methods and techniques which make it a Certified Superhome.

A fully insulated Slab with edge and total under-slab insulation complements the choice of super-energy-efficient in-slab hydronic underfloor heating ensuring the heat is supplied to the home and not needlessly lost. An Ecopanel Structurally Insulated Wall System makes up the walls of the external envelope. uPVC windows are installed in line with the insulation, eliminating thermal bridging and ensuring an airtight install. These are taped to the internal intello airtightness layer to ensure heat loss doesn’t occur through these junctions.

The clients have been bold enough to do something different, recognising the importance of creating a home that benefits and supports the health and wellbeing of the occupants through varying life stages.


Home Floor Area: 310m2, Section Size: 1000m2
5 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, 2 Living Rooms
Windows: NK Windows (Double & Triple Glazed Windows)
Fully Insulated Slab with 50mm Edge and total under-slab insulation
EcoPanel super insulated prefab external wall framing (R4.59)
Airtight construction 0.68 ach/hr (air changes / hour)
Ventilation, balanced heat recovery with humidity sensors & active cooling
Dual Heat pump for Underfloor and Water Heating
CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) Midfloor Panels
Roof, 2 layers of insulation & Hybrid Warm Roof with PIR panels
Renewable energy and storage via Solar PV and batteries

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