C1 Espresso

After the 2011 Christchurch earthquake, the Old High Street Post Office - a heritage-listed building - required restoration and alterations to accommodate C1 Espresso and other tenants. Built in 1931 to 400% of code, it came through the earthquakes with minimal damage. Bob Burnett Architecture’s engagement was for the alterations and renovation of the building. We coordinated with all tenants and their consultants with preparation of Resource Consent and Building Consent including upgrades to fire and accessibility requirements and facilities for a new cafe.

Coincidentally this building accommodated the original office of Bob Burnett Architecture from 1999-2001. Prior to the earthquakes, it was commented to the owner of C1 espresso that the ground floor of the building would make a superb cafe. This of course later came to fruition when C1 was ejected from the Old High Para building opposite after the earthquake.

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